Romantic story

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Andrey Balabasov. Romantic story.

The story of this photograph began last year, in September, on one of the most unique Greek islands - Santorini. A large number of legends is associated with the island. Some call Santorini splinter Atlantis, others associated with the history of the island died Pompey. Greeks themselves call it simply - Lovers Island. Perhaps that is why a lot of young couples from all around the world dream of spending their honeymoon there.

And what is a honeymoon without a photographer?

It is probably necessary to explain a little bit how we work. Our company offers young people to have a photo shoot anywhere in the world, usually the package price includes the work of a photographer, an assistant, a make-up artist and the rent of a small bus for the travel of the whole group.

During the day of the shoot we are trying to change locations several times: the old city, the hotel, mountains, cliffs, the port and the beach. Our task is to make the shoot as diverse as possible and  not to turn the day into an exhausting one, but make it interesting and adventurous. Despite these seemingly serious plans, a lot happens spontaneously and we have to improvise.

That is also the way it went this time. Together with the newlyweds Viktoria and Andrej we walked through the narrow streets of Firostefani. At one point we had to go down the stairs to the next street, when suddenly an amazing view opened to our left. It was a quiet corner of one of the small hotels, I did not even think of writing it's name down. I was delighted. This strange construction in form of an eye on a post, call it what you want: a hammock, a bed or something. This extraordinary place was for the bride. 

I immediately knew that I would take a picture of her alone. At this point I want to apologize to the groom, but in black pants and tie, he just did not fit into this picture. I gave him my second camera with a telephoto lens, so he did not get bored, and dealt with the bride.

You probably expect me to tell you some secret information about the settings, about a lot of reflectors and so on. I am sorry to disappoint you. It was simple. We agreed with the owner of the hotel to go barefooted on the white-washed roofs, sat the bride in the hammock, fixed her hair and dress, and waited. Yes, yes, we just waited until the sun hid behind one of the passing clouds. Optimal natural diffuser from the top and soft reflection from the white-washed roofs created us just the perfect lighting for our photograph.

Take a look at the backstage pictures, which were taken during the time the sun was not hidden.
On these you can see a bright shadow contrast on the roof from me and the whole construction. On my photograph the sun is behind the clouds, that's the whole secret.

Shot's parameters: F 16 mm, f 2,8, 1/2000 sec, ISO 100.

Equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark II & Canon EF 16-35 f/2,8L II USM
Photographer: Andrey Balabasov
Bride & Groom: Viktoria and Andrej Waimann
Slylist & Makeup: Natascha Feist

Andrey Balabasov. Romantic story. Andrey Balabasov. Romantic story.

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