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Oleg Tityaev Editor's Letter Photoindustry

Hello my friends,
If you are here you have already made your first steps into photography. Perhaps you are even making strides towards the successful career of your dreams.
You already know that professional photography is not simply a blast of creativity and genius, it requires skill, experience and hard work - the virtues of a professional photographer. 
On the pages of this magazine we will try to help you on your journey. Step by step, day by day we will climb the mountain of professionalism together and, I hope, with every step bring you to new and unexpected peaks.
It's a long, tough trek and we want our friends to travel with us and support each other. If everyone who reads this website can help by contributing articles, thoughts, comments and tutorials it will make the experience all the more rewarding. 
We are so excited about all things we will see here, join us!
Oleg Ti,
Founder and editor of this magazine,
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